XPR firmware updates

XPR™ firmware is software embedded on hardware components within each XPR power supply to enable device communication and optimal functionality across the entire system.  XPR firmware is updated periodically to add additional or improved capability in cut quality, cut process productivity, and to support a customer’s investment by incorporating the latest XPR technological advancements. Staying current on the XPR’s firmware will best enable these benefits. Hypertherm recommends contacting your equipment service provider to conduct or answer questions on firmware updates.

If you do not know your XPR’s firmware version or how to find it, please refer to the instructions in XPR web Interface and PCB Firmware Updates-809820 or contact your service provider. 


Current version Released Benefits

April 2021

  • Improved XPR Chopper reliability

November 2020

  • New 220A process for improved productivity on ¾” mild steel
  • Process reliability improvements in non-ferrous cutting - AL 60A N2/N2, SS N2/H2O processes, and AL 170A N2/N2
  • Improved gas flow diagnostics for overall cut process control

To access the latest firmware files or more information click here.