License activation support

Hypertherm provides license activation support (including license reactivation or moving a license) for its current software products and two previous versions of the software.

If your software falls inside this range, please contact support for assistance.

If your software falls outside this range, or it has been discontinued for more than two years, then it has reached its “end of life” and we can no longer provide license activation support for that product. Please contact sales to request an upgrade to the latest version.


Software Status License activation support
ProNest® 2021 Current Yes
ProNest® 2019 Prior version Yes
ProNest® 2017 Prior version Yes
ProNest® 2015 (and older) End of life No
ProNest® 2021 LT Current Yes
ProNest® 2019 LT Prior version Yes
ProNest® 2017 LT Prior version Yes
TurboNest® 2015 (and older) End of life No
ProNest® 2019 LTS Discontinued Yes
ProNest® 2017 LTS Discontinued Yes
NestMaster™ 2015 (and older) End of life No
Rotary Tube Pro™ 3 Current Yes
Rotary Tube Pro™ 2 Prior version Yes
Rotary Tube Pro™ 2015 Prior version Yes
Design2Fab® 6 Current Yes
Design2Fab® 5 Prior version Yes
DNC communication software Discontinued Yes
QuikTran™ Discontinued Yes
NC2CAD™ Discontinued Yes
GeoPoint End of life No
MaxYield End of life No
JobTrack End of life No
QuikCAM End of life No

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