Track cutting and gouging

Track cutting and gouging is used to make long, straight cuts or gouges that are difficult and time consuming to do by hand with the necessary precision. Track cutting is sometimes used on a job site when the material to be cut or gouged is of a size or shape not suited to an X-Y table. Automating these processes with a portable track burner increases productivity and results in a more uniform cut or gouge. Although originally designed for use with oxyfuel torches only, many suppliers now produce track burners capable of delivering the faster speeds needed when cutting with plasma.

Typical uses include:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Pressure vessel fabrication
  • Scrapping I-beams
  • Structural steel applications
  • Back gouging welded plates

Process technologies used:

  • Plasma cutting
  • Plasma gouging
  • Oxyfuel cutting
  • Carbon arc gouging

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