Handheld plasma cutting

Almost any industry that uses metal in their product or relies on heavy equipment uses a handheld plasma cutter. Work traditionally done with oxyfuel, punch presses, drills, or cutting shears, is proven to be completed faster and more efficiently when using a handheld plasma cutter instead. For example, hand plasma cutters, such as Hypertherm’s Powermax® line, can cut carbon steel up to 2″ in thickness, much faster than oxyfuel.

Typical uses of hand plasma cutters include:

  • Fabricating parts as needed
  • Gouging out welding defects and back gouging
  • Repairing heavy equipment, such as dump trucks, tractors, rail cars, and cargo trucks
  • Trimming metal components to size or fitting up joints
  • Creating architectural decoration and metal art
  • Removing lugs or cutting off tabs used for fit-up

Process technologies used:

  • Air or oxygen plasma
  • Oxyfuel
  • Mechanical tools (presses, shears, etc.)