PA-S70, PA-S75, FineFocus 800 and FineFocus 900 parts list

Product line: PB-S70/PB-S75/PB-S77

System: PB-S70/S75/S77®

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PA-S70, PA-S75, FineFocus 800 and FineFocus 900 parts list


#PartNoReferenceDescriptionPkg QtyUOM
C53-158.11.833.101.158Swl Gas Cap 5.0mm V43501EA
2C53-261.11.833.101.261Protective Cap V5011EA
K53-160.11.828.701.160Protective Cap PB-S7510EA
3K53-271.11.833.101.271Swl-Gas Noz10EA
4C53-790.12.37790Noz Cap1EA
5C53-920.11.828.901.420Noz CoolFlow L1-XL 160A1EA
C53-925.11.828.901.425Noz CoolFlow L2-XL 250A1EA
C53-927.11.828.901.427Noz CoolFlow L4-XL 300A1EA
6C117-780.12.37780Noz CoolFlow™ 1.5mm 120A ArH2 A11EA
C117-620.11.828.511.620Noz CoolFlow™ 2mm 180A ArH2 A31EA
C117-910.12.40910Noz CoolFlow™ 2.3mm 300A ArH2 A21EA
7C53-860.12.40860Gas Guide Cap1EA
8C53-1000.11.828.921.300Elctd K2 XL SilverLine® O21EA
C53-870.12.40870Elctd K2 Air5EA
9C117-0550.11.828.911.550Elctd ArH2 K51EA
K53-923.10.505.923O-Ring Noz Cap/Tch Seal 28x2mm10EA
K53-908.10.505.908O-Ring Noz/Tch 18x2mm10EA


#PartNoReferenceDescriptionPkg QtyUOM
10C117-230.11.828.911.230Water Tube V9511EA
K53-440.12.51440Cooling Tube Air PB-S755EA
C23-001N/ASwl Rng removal tool1EA
0270558-4025, 632-596O-Ring Lube1EA