True Hole technology

As part of Hypertherm's SureCut™ technology, our patented True Hole® technology for mild steel produces significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma. It is exclusively available for use in conjunction with Hypertherm's HPRXD® and XPR™ auto gas plasma systems including the XPR300™ system.

True Hole is automatically applied by the nesting software or CNC software to thicknesses up to 25 mm (1”), diameter and hole coverage ranges from hole diameter to thickness ratios from 2:1 to as low as 1:1.

With True Hole technology Without True Hole technology
Hole cut using True Hole technology Hole cut without using True Hole technology


Material Mild steel
Material thickness Up to 25 mm (1")
Hole coverage ranges 2:1 to as low as 1:1

Comparison chart showing 10mm holes on mild steel with 130 A

Diagram of taper with and without True Hole


  • Bolt hole quality is delivered automatically without operator intervention.
  • Narrows the gap with laser hole quality making the plasma process suitable for many jobs previously cut with laser.
  • Virtually eliminates hole taper.
  • Ding is reduced and biased to the outside of the hole.
  • Delivers true "bolt-hole" quality.

Seamless integration of components

True Hole technology is a specific combination of the following parameters that is linked to a given amperage, material type, material thickness and hole size:

  • Process gas type
  • Gas flow
  • Amperage
  • Piercing methodology
  • Lead in/out technique
  • Varying speeds across multiple hole segments
  • Arc termination synchronized with torch motion


* True Hole technology requires a HyPerformance® Plasma HPRXD® auto gas system or XPR system along with a True Hole enabled cutting machine. Consult with your machine manufacturer for more details on specific components you may require. HPRXD must be autogas configuration only.

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