Rapid Part technology

As part of Hypertherm's SureCut™ technology, Rapid Part™ technology offers up to 100% increase in productivity, automatically, without operator intervention. Rapid Part technology uses motion optimization techniques programmed into the part program and automatically executed by the Computer Numerical Control (CNC).


  • Increases the number of parts produced per hour by up to 100%.Diagrma shows number of parts increase by 100% using Rapid Part
Cut samples without Rapid Part Cut samples with Rapid Part

Parts produced using the same cutting machine, same cut speed, and same cutting time duration.

Note: Cut-to-cut cycle time improvement will be apparent on all jobs, with the most significant productivity improvements achieved on nests using thin plate with a high part/pierce count.

Without Rapid Part With Rapid Part  


  • Delivers cut-to-cut cycle time reduction automatically without operator intervention up to 80% and reduces time to cut each part by about 50%.

Cut-to-cut cycle times graph

How does it work?

Rapid Part technology targets and optimizes five aspects of the total cutting process that causes longer cycle time and occurs during the period from the last cut or pierce to the next pierce.

Process Hypertherm component What happens
Torch retract ArcGlide® or Sensor™ THC Rapid vertical (Z-axis) motion intelligently retracts the torch to the next pierce height, based on material and part properties.
Table motion ProNest® nesting software Optimized motion instructions programmed with its optional Collision Avoidance module, which minimizes the chances of torch collision and the distance between the end of one cut and the pierce on the next part.
Initial Height Sensing (IHS) ArcGlide® or Sensor™ THC
  • Rapid Z-axis motion
  • Automatic fast-to-slow speed crossover calibration.
  • IHS skipped intelligently, based on part geometry and nest configuration.
Gas pre-flow   Completed simultaneously during initial height sensing and during machine motion if IHS is skipped.
Pierce detect XPR™ system Automatically detects when system has pierced to plate on certain thicknesses and torch is ready to move.

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