On-site training

Operator training

This program provides a solid framework on CNC operation, job set up and process optimization. Operators enrolled in the course will be trained in all aspects of the cutting process, from loading the part program and selecting the process to aligning the plate and cutting. The course also covers common adjustments to ensure part accuracy and maximize cut quality and consumable life.

Focus areas:

  • System setup and operation
  • Consumable selection and optimization
  • Gas selection
  • Operator-level maintenance
  • Basic troubleshooting

Maintenance training

This program is designed for maintenance associates who are tasked with keeping your cutting system operating at peak performance. Hands-on troubleshooting will provide a solid understanding of how Hypertherm systems operate and how best to approach repair issues. The training will primarily focus on the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance that is required to get the most efficient operation out of your system, while reducing downtime and emergency repairs.

Focus areas:

  • System setup and operation
  • Consumable optimization
  • Gas system functionality
  • Technical-level maintenance
  • Advanced troubleshooting

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