Get the knowledge

If you want to realize maximum return on your cutting system investment, you’ve got to have knowledgeable operators and skilled maintenance people. And whatever your cutting application, whatever your market focus, a fully trained staff will ensure that you are getting all of the benefits the technology can offer. We’re ready to help, with both in-person and online training for every skill level.

Hypertherm Cutting Institute

Hypertherm Cutting Institute logoVisit the Hypertherm Cutting Institute, an online classroom that offers valuable information about Hypertherm’s plasma products and plasma cutting in general.



Hypertherm eLearning opportunities include online, self-guided training through the Hypertherm Cutting Institute, as well as live webinars.

Training at Hypertherm


Our instructor led training workshops are designed to increase your knowledge of the various cutting technologies – plasma, laser, and waterjet – and give you the tools you need to better reach your business goals.

On-site training


Quick, efficient troubleshooting and routine maintenance can save hours of costly downtime. Explore our on-site training opportunities.