Where to service and repair

Our goal is to help our customers be as profitable and productive as possible. We know you count on your Hypertherm products to perform as expected whenever you need them. So if a problem or question comes up, one of our knowledgeable and experienced service associates will be there for you – fast.

  • If you have existing Hypertherm equipment needing technical service or troubleshooting support, please visit our contact us page.

    Looking for an authorized Hypertherm handheld cutting systems repair or service center?

    Use our locator


  • For Freedom 38 PPA™

    • On the Powermax125® included in the Freedom 38 PPA, contact any authorized Hypertherm repair center or Hypertherm Technical Service.

    • For service on components other than the engine, contact Hypertherm Technical Service. You will need the serial number from the data plate on the front of the unit.

    • For service on your Deutz engine, find your nearest Deutz engine repair center. You will need the engine serial number and genset model and serial number found on the top of the engine.
      Deutz Service Department: 1-770-564-7132
      Emergency only, toll free: 1-800-241-9886

  • For self-help information on waterjet products go to assist.hypertherm.com.

  • For CAD/CAM software inquiries, click here for support.

  • For all other inquiries, please visit our contact us page.



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  • Customer service

    (800) 737-2978

  • Technical service

    (800) 643-9878
    +01 (800) 668-0359 (CAM – Mexico)

  • Return materials

    (866) 643-7711

  • USA & Canada main office

    (603) 643-3441
    (603) 643-5352 (fax)
    (800) 643-0030 (toll free)

  • Mexico office

    +52 (55) 5681 8109

  • CAD/CAM software office

    (716) 434-3755