Consumable care and optimization

A major part of any cutting operation is related to the condition and life of the consumable parts in the cutting torch. As the consumables wear, expect the quality of cut to change in terms of edge angularity, kerf width (part size), and dross formation.

While the best technology torches available today have consumable life in excess of ten times that of torches designed a few decades ago, it is imperative that the machine operator pays careful attention to the condition of the consumables, and to the cutting parameters that affect cut quality and consumable life in any plasma cutting application. This will ensure the lowest cost per cut as well as the best cut quality.

Plasma consumables: care and optimization eLearning

Plasma consumables: care and optimizationThis course introduces the most common Hypertherm plasma consumables and their features, how to properly configure consumables and assemble torches, and how to maximize your consumable life and cut quality.