Torches, torches and more torches!

By Hypertherm
Posted on 05/30/2014 in SPARK the blog, Plasma cutting

There is no shortage of torches around here. Did you know Hypertherm makes 18 (yes, 18!) different torches for its Powermax® systems alone? Why so many torches you may ask? Well, during our travels we've watched a lot of people cut with plasma. We've seen the many jobs you're asked to tackle. The torch that cuts perfect parts on a CNC table isn't necessarily the torch that will work well in a 3D cutting application. For hand cutting, a torch used to cut a flat piece of steel, doesn't necessarily work for someone trying to gouge out a weld on the pipeline.

Our torch line-up includes Duramax torches. As you might guess from the name, these torches are durable. But more than that, our Duramax line contains patented Hypertherm technology called Spring Start™. This technology (actually found in the electrode) eliminates moving parts in the torch for consistent reliable starting. Our system can also detect when your electrode is about to reach the end of its life, so you can replace it before serious and costly damage occurs.

These torches are made for both handheld and mechanized cutting and gouging, as well as robotic cutting. We have:

- Two options for handheld cutting: a 75° and 15° (which we often call a straight) torch
- Two options for mechanized cutting: 180° full-length machine and mini-machine torch
- Three options for robotic cutting: 90°, 45°, and 180° torches

In addition, to the seven torches just listed, we also have Duramax Hyamp torches. Though these torches work with every Powermax system except the Powermax30 XP and Powermax45, they were designed especially to handle the power found in our Powermax125 system. Torches in this line include Hyamp versions of the seven torches listed above plus four more torches:

- 45° four foot long torch
- 90° four foot long torch
- 45° two foot long torch
- 90° two foot long torch

These torches are all made for handheld cutting. They are great for jobs where you don't want to get close to the workpiece or for jobs like scrapping or cutting up metal skeletons. These long torches are also handy for cutting up items high above you; in a ceiling for example.

All of these torches come with Hypertherm's patented quick disconnect feature so you can quickly and easily switch between all the different torches. It's no harder than plugging a plug into an electrical outlet. Have any of you tried one of our specialty torches, like the long or straight torch for example?



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