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By Hypertherm
Posted on 03/24/2016 in SPARK the blog, Plasma cutting

Hypertherm manufactures a lot of different torches and consumables. Not just because we think it's fun to make lots of stuff, but because we know all jobs are different.

You can't just apply a one torch (or consumable) solution to every single job out there. Someone needing to cut up a 2" thick skeleton is going to need a different torch than someone needing to cut an angled beam or someone needing to cut a sign out of gauge metal.

That's why we make long torches, short torches, straight torches, angled torches, robotic torches and more. We offer just as many options when it comes to consumables. Examples here, in addition to standard consumables, are consumables for fine feature cutting, consumables for heavy duty high-volume production environments, consumables for hard to reach areas, consumables for aluminum or stainless steel, consumables for gouging, etc.

We also want to make sure that people who own and use our older systems can get the torches and consumables they need so we continue to make products for decades-old plasma systems like our MAX20, MAX40, and PAC500. More importantly, we also make retrofit torches. These are torches that contain the same technology found in our newer torches but are specially retrofitted to work with our older (or as we tend to call them, legacy) systems. Hopefully, you get the idea: We make a lot of different plasma torches and consumables. So many in fact, it can be hard to keep track of everything.

Fortunately, we have two guides to help:

1. Powermax & MAX systems guide and
2. Mechanized systems guide

The names of these guides can be a bit confusing since our Mechanized systems guide also includes some handheld torches, so here are some guidelines to help you choose the right one. The Powermax and MAX systems guide contains manual and mechanized torch and consumable options, including the NEW Powermax Essential consumable kits which have replaced the All-In-One kits, for:

  • Powermax systems
  • HT40
  • All MAX systems except the MAX200 and MAXPRO200

The Mechanized systems guide contains mechanized (and even non-mechanized if available) torch and consumables for:

  • HyPerformance Plasma systems
  • HyDefinition Plasma systems
  • HySpeed Plasma
  • HT4001, HT4000, HT400
  • PAC500
  • MAX200 and MAXPRO200

Both of these guides are available for download here.


Hypertherm also makes torch and consumable products for many non-Hypertherm products as well. Torch and consumable offerings for non-Hypertherm plasma and laser systems are available from our Centricut brand, while cutting heads and consumables for non-Hypertherm waterjet systems are available from our AccuStream brand.



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