SureCut technology

By Hypertherm
Posted on 03/02/2017 in SPARK the blog, Nesting software

One of the many reasons to choose ProNest® over competing plasma, laser or waterjet CAM nesting solutions is embedded Hypertherm® SureCut technology. But what exactly is SureCut and how can it help you in your day-to-day work?

What is SureCut?

First, it is important to note that SureCut is not limited to ProNest – it’s part of the entire Hypertherm automated products user experience, sometimes termed “an ecosystem of embedded expertise”. However, the focus of this article is ProNest, and how we as ProNest users can utilize SureCut to our maximum value.

Hypertherm has over 120 cutting technology-related patents and decades of associated research and development. SureCut is one of the primary vehicles allowing users to access this game-changing technology, with ProNest playing a strong supporting role.

How do I access SureCut technology via ProNest?

If you use Hypertherm hardware (e.g. controller, torch height control, plasma system) along with ProNest, you will be able to achieve a superior user and production experience from SureCut. For example, using ProNest along with certain Hypertherm machine hardware, the SureCut embedded expertise allows for True Hole®, True Bevel, Rapid Part, and parameters for optimized consumable life to be automatically applied to the job.

Good news though – for users whose machines are not fully equipped with Hypertherm hardware, access to some SureCut benefits is still possible with ProNest. In such cases, ProNest delivers limited SureCut functionality via the machine-specific setup file provided with ProNest. This setup file is packed with material-specific embedded expertise, including separation values, feedrates, lead-in/out length and style, and advanced piercing strategies (like Moving Pierce, Edge Pierce, Thick Pierce), all of which are applied automatically without programmer intervention. The end result is better part quality and enhanced productivity.


So to summarize, SureCut embedded expertise is a core component of ProNest and is an excellent approach to make the most of your mechanized Hypertherm hardware user experience. For additional information about SureCut technology, visit the main Hypertherm website.



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