Robotic software for fabrication of 3D shapes

By Hypertherm
Posted on 07/30/2015 in SPARK the blog, Motion controls

Hypertherm's acquired several companies over the years in an effort to support our customers and their changing needs. A few examples: we announced the addition of Hypertherm Automation CNC and THCs to our portfolio in 1999, ProNest CAD/CAM software in 2009, and Waterjet pumps in 2013.

This week Hypertherm brought a company called Jabez Technologies into our fold. Jabez with its team of 21 people, including founder Chahe Bakmazjian, are robotic software experts.

What makes their software, called Robotmaster, unique is its ease of use. Robotmaster makes it easier for manufacturers to program robots to follow 3D shapes (for cutting, welding, milling, polishing, etc.) by applying off-line CAD/CAM software tools.

RoboBusiness is so impressed, it awarded Robotmaster the “Game Changer Award for Motion Control."


The above photos show two different welding robots programmed with Robotmaster software. Scenes like these are becoming more and more common as more companies turn to automation as a way to improve their products and remain competitive.

It's an accelerating trend that we see in robotics applications and one Hypertherm plans to support moving forward. With the Jabez team on board we can combine Hypertherm’s optimized cutting process knowledge with Robotmaster’s robotics CAD/CAM software tools to support our channel partners' development of the 3D cutting market.

At the same time, we can make it easier for users to optimize outcomes, much as we did with True Hole, True Bevel, and Rapid Part when we brought together our plasma and ProNest engineers in 2009.

In addition we are excited by Jabez’s wider vision to simplify robotics programming in a broader set of 3D applications beyond cutting. By leveraging Hypertherm’s corporate resources, engineering community, global service, support and logistics infrastructures, Jabez can focus more on programming great robotic software.



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