Installing HyPerformance consumables

By Ann Thompson, Hypertherm
Posted on 01/14/2019 in SPARK the blog, Plasma cutting

Our Technical Service Team sometimes gets calls from HyPerformance Plasma owners having trouble with their torch. In the vast majority of cases the problems are traced back to the way the consumables were installed. Though building a consumable stack up is easy to do, it is critical that you fit the swirl ring and nozzle together before inserting these two parts into the torch. This step is critical as it helps to correctly align the consumables. The proper installation method then is this:

1. Insert the electrode into the torch.

2. Fit the nozzle and swirl ring together, then insert this new combined subassembly onto the electrode.

3. Add the nozzle retaining cap to the torch, followed by the shield and shield cap.

4. Gently tighten the entire assembly together, taking care not to over-tighten.


First fit your nozzle and swirl ring together (photo, top) then install this new combined subassembly (photo, bottom). 


If you experience any of the following issues, misaligned consumables are a possible culprit and you should probably start by reassembling your consumable stack-up.

• Torch will not fire at all
• Pilot arc will ignite and then quickly extinguish
• Retaining cap will not screw on all the way
• Swirl ring is cracked, crushed, or melted
• Poor cut quality

Still having trouble? Hypertherm’s North American Technical Service Team is happy to help. Contact the team via email at or by phone, if you’re in the U.S. or Canada, at 800-643-9878.



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