Calculating the cost of cutting

By Hypertherm
Posted on 04/12/2017 in SPARK the blog, Nesting software

Did you know ProNest contains the power to help calculate the cost of cutting? Yes, sure, there’s some upfront work involved by the user to make this possible, however, the benefit of having a clear understanding of costs and, therefore profitability, cannot be overstated.

In ProNest, costs are presented in terms of both time and money. Production Time, which is available for individual parts, nests, or entire jobs, is displayed for your information and is also used to calculate monetary costing figures. The monetary cost for a part, nest, or job is split into two main areas: Material Cost and Production Cost.

Available final costs for parts, nests and jobs include:

  • Production Time
  • Material Cost
  • Production Cost
  • Total Cost

Above: excerpt of the Part Detail report, which shows final costs for individual parts.

To learn more about how to use ProNest for cutting cost calculations you’re encouraged to review the ProNest Help file that delivers extensive costing setup advice, and login to the online Knowledge Base to view the Introduction to Costing video and Allocated Costing article.

Already a ProNest user with advanced costing experience? We’d love to hear from you with details about your implementation and how it’s worked out for you. Contact your regional office to provide details.



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