1 x 4 = unlimited potential

By Hypertherm
Posted on 08/01/2014 in SPARK the blog, General

Today we're going to talk about Built for Business Integrated Cutting Solutions. It's this idea that we can multiply the capabilities of a cutting system by designing it to work as one integrated system. It sounds logical, but unfortunately the process of putting together a new cutting system doesn’t always follow the above path.

Often times, when choosing to buy a new cutting system, we look at each piece separately. We choose power supply A, controller B, software C, etc. Each is probably a great stand alone product, but what happens when you combine each product into one system?

Let's use a car as an example. Pretend you need a new one. Most people will buy a ready-made car, but let's say you're real ambitious and decide to assemble your own. You buy an incredible engine from Company A, the car's frame from Company B, the seats from C, amazing tires from D, and so on. So now, you have all your parts and are ready to put your car together. You've researched, you've measured, and you have all the right tools. You are sure this car is going to fit together perfectly.

It doesn't. The tires are a just a tiny bit too large. The engine is underpowered for the weight of the assembled car. The electronic system is at odds with the navigation system. Your headlights are going haywire, your windshield wipers won’t stop wiping, and you can't find your destination.

Can you fix these issues? Sure. But imagine the time it's going to take. Imagine the stress and headache it's going to cause. Imagine, the difficulties of working with all of these different companies?

Now imagine that all of the different components of your car were designed to work smoothly and seamlessly from the get go. The engine builders, drive train engineers, and software experts all talked to each other. Not only that, but they spent days, months, years together in a lab and on a track, running tests, crunching data, and making changes.

It's the same with your cutting system! Think of all the parts that make up a typical cutting system. In addition to your cutting table, you likely have the:

- Power supply (whether plasma, laser, a waterjet pump, or something else)
- Torch or cutting head
- CNC (to control the X-Y motion)
- Torch or cutting head carriage and/or height control to control Z-axis motion
- Gantry

In addition, if you have a laser system, you'll also need some sort of chiller. A waterjet system might have an abrasive supply, filtration system, etc. Then there's the software; software to control your CNC, your THC, your CAD/CAM software, and so on. Hopefully, you get the idea. Cutting systems have a lot of different components.

Each piece can do the job on its own, but imagine the possibilities when each component is designed to work as a team. By working together, Hypertherm engineers can multiply the benefits of each component. They can ensure all of the hardware is not only compatible but ideally suited for the job at hand.  They can do the same thing with the software, making sure the CNC, THC and CAD/CAM software are all speaking the same language so the combined system can:

- Share advanced parameters including process codes to eliminate errors, improve quality, and increase functionality
- Help you make round holes without any taper or ding and divet
- Take the guess work out of setting up jobs (including bevels) by pre-inputting data from real world cutting scenarios
- Speed up jobs by skipping initial plate detection without compromising cut quality or consumable life

That's what Built for Business Integrated Cutting Solutions is all about. It’s taking four separate components (the power supply, CNC, THC, and CAD/CAM software) and engineering each in partnership with our OEM table manufacturers to operate as a highly choreographed team. As the title of this post reads, 1 x 4 = unlimited potential.

Posted in SPARK the blog, General
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