Phoenix software updates - version 7

Phoenix® software is the core operational platform across Hypertherm's entire family of CNCs. Designed specifically to improve ease of use, productivity and profitability for the X-Y and bevel cutting markets, the software combines advanced functionality with an easy-to-use graphical interface, and supports laser, plasma, waterjet, and oxyfuel applications.

Please remember to check the Release Notes below for important product information.

Phoenix Version 7 can be used with MicroEDGE®, EDGE® Ti, Voyager III, Mariner (for CPU's 1.2 GHz and above) CNCs.

The downloads below include files needed to completely update your CNC control:

VERY IMPORTANT: When updating your CNC to the latest version using the download files, it is critical to install the new files in the following sequence:

  1. Update the software files first
  2. Update the help file
  3. Update the cut charts

This will prevent installation of cut charts with a software version that does not support them.

If using an advanced CAM software with embedded process commands, please contact your supplier to determine if an update is needed for your programming software.


Install the English software file FIRST and then download your language.

English version 7.50.13


Chinese Japanese
Danish Korean
Dutch Lithuanian
Finnish Polish
French Portuguese
German Spanish
Italian Taiwanese


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