Reference articles

A more than four decade long focus on plasma has resulted in a lot of accumulated knowledge when it comes to cutting metal. Our plasma experts and channel partners share some of that information in a number of articles that have appeared in leading metal working publications.

Cutting and Weld Preparation: The Many Faces Of Plasma Cutting

Manual and mechanized plasma cutting systems serve different purposes and require different equipment to perform well. It is up to the user to decide which system is best-suited for the application. This article provides a detailed introduction to both systems, their capabilities, and which applications they are tailored for.

Check the Facts: New Technology Dispels Outdated Notions About Plasma Cutting

From metal type and thickness to cost and time; there are a lot of misperceptions about plasma. Learn the truth about plasma so you can easily separate fact from fiction.

Plasma, Oxyfuel, and Laser: Which Cutting Method Is Right For You?

Learn the differences between three common metal cutting methods and find out which factors you should take into account when deciding which tool you'll need for your particular job.

Plasma Cutting Systems Combine Versatility with Efficiency

Plasma's ability to cut most any metal in a number of applications, as well as operate in various locations, and to work on various metal types, forms and thicknesses gives it distinct advantages over competitive cutting technologies.

What to Know Before Selecting a Manual Plasma Unit: Understanding Size, Power, Components, and Cost

This article offers an overview of manual PAC technology from the early days to the present, including an explanation of different power supplies, recommendations for selecting and sizing a system, and other functions and features to look for in a handheld system.

The ABC's of PAC: Understand All Aspects Of The Process To Ensure Better Performance

This article discusses mechanized plasma cutting and the things that should be taken into account when selecting a system. It also covers some mechanized plasma cutting basics.