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Hypertherm Cutting Institute

Instructors and students are encouraged to visit the Hypertherm Cutting Institute. The Hypertherm Cutting Institute (HCI) is an online classroom that provides information about Hypertherm's plasma products and plasma cutting in general.

Featured courses:

  • Plasma Cutting Technology

    Learn what plasma is and how it is used for cutting. This course will help you identify industrial uses for plasma systems and the parts of a plasma system, including consumables. In addition, you will learn about various cut types such as drop cuts, freehand cuts, template / guide cuts, hole pierces, and gouges. You will also learn about the proper setup and operation of a handheld plasma system.

  • Hypertherm Consumables: Care and Optimization

    Do you know the difference between various Hypertherm consumables? You will after taking this course which covers consumables features, and shows you how to properly configure consumables and assemble torches. You'll also learn how to maximize consumable life and cut quality.

New courses are being added all the time so add the Hypertherm Cutting Institute to your favorites and check back often! To view other Hypertherm training courses, please visit Hypertherm Cutting Institute and complete the free and easy registration. You will be prompted to log-in each time you visit the Hypertherm Cutting Institute. Registration is free and easy.