Do I need a separate air filter for my air plasma system?

The cut quality, performance, and consumable life of any air plasma system are directly impacted by the quality of the air going into it. Not only is it important to make sure you have enough air; you also need to make sure the air you have is clean and dry. This is especially important in areas with humid weather, as this excess moisture will easily make its way into your air compressor tank and air lines.

If this should be the case, we suggest draining your tank at least once a day or better yet, installing an automatic drain system. In addition, you may want to add a second filter (in addition to the filter already inside your plasma unit) at least 20 feet downstream of the compressor, to help collect some of this moisture. If you plan to use your system a lot – in a production environment, for example – or live in an area with extreme humidity, then you may need to use a refrigerated air dryer or desiccant filter system to remove moisture.