Software trial agreement

I agree that Hypertherm may send me communications (by email, phone, in-product, and/or on a Hypertherm website), including personalized content about new products and special promotions, and that Hypertherm may collect, analyze, and use information about my trial evaluation, including trial product usage and information gathered on Hypertherm websites though cookies. This Privacy Notice provides additional detail about the information we collect through this product trial.


In addition to providing prospective customers pre-purchase access to our software products for the purpose of evaluation, Hypertherm is offering this trial period in order to learn more about how users interact with our products and to provide users with more personalized information about our offerings. We handle personal information received through this trial period in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Information collection

Hypertherm may use in-product tools to collect information related to your use of our trial product (for example: which features are used, time using the product). Here is a list of information we may collect, which is sent to our servers periodically in encrypted form:

  • Operating system name and version
  • System configuration information, such as processor, memory, and graphics card
  • Hypertherm product commands and operations used
  • Aggregate time using the product
  • Name, serial number, and version of Hypertherm products on your system
  • Error conditions
  • Format and source of data imported or exported from Hypertherm products
  • IP address

This product usage information collection will end after the trial period.

In addition, Hypertherm may combine this product usage information with information available on other Hypertherm systems (such as past purchase and evaluation information, industry, company size) and your accessing or downloading marketing materials on Hypertherm websites (like webcasts, white papers, videos, participation in discussion forums, and other materials related to your product evaluation). When visiting and related web pages, a cookie (ID) to uniquely identify a computer (as proxy for a 'visitor') will be created and maintained on that visitor's computer. This ID will permit tracking the Hypertherm web usage/activity of a 'visitor' across multiple visits for as long as the cookie is maintained on the visitor's computer. This ID will not collect information about activity on non- Hypertherm websites.


In return for providing you access to our software product, Hypertherm may communicate with you. These communications may include: in-product screens, emails, telephone contact, and content displayed to you on Hypertherm web sites.

Hypertherm may use data we collect about you to determine which communications will be most relevant. For example, if you indicate that you are involved in ship building, we may communicate information that we have found to be relevant to ship builders. In another example, if you indicate that you are an experienced (vs. new) user, we may communicate information to you that is designed to be relevant to experienced users.