Export controls compliance statement

Statement of corporate policy

Hypertherm, Inc. depends on its ability to export products and to distribute them to customers throughout the United States and other locations around the world. Therefore, Hypertherm, Inc. is committed to fully complying with all export control laws of the United States and policies of all countries where it does business. This policy applies to the company, all of its subsidiaries, and all directors, managers and associates of the Company and its affiliates.

The United States maintains a complex set of laws and regulations administered by several different agencies that govern the export and re-export of goods, technology and services from the U.S. and certain re-exports from outside the U.S. These laws and regulations require an export license to export certain products and technology and restrict the export of all products or technology to designated destinations, end users and end uses. Please note, exports include technical exchanges or discussions with non-U.S. nationals (including associates) regardless of their location (even in the U.S.) or whether they are employed by Hypertherm, Inc.

Each associate has the principal responsibility for ensuring export compliance in connection with its operations. No transaction contrary to the U.S. export control laws shall be undertaken under any circumstances. Any export compliance failure can result in substantial fines, the loss of export privileges, fines, and/or imprisonment for any individuals involved.

The leadership of Hypertherm, Inc. is fully committed to ensuring export compliance and expects every director, officer and associate to share in that commitment. It is the responsibility of each individual associate and, in particular, those involved with the sale and distribution of Hypertherm, lnc.'s products, to be aware of and comply with the U.S. export control laws in performing their jobs. If you have any questions concerning how these laws apply to you or any Company activity, please contact the Export Compliance Manager for guidance.


Evan Smith
Chief Executive Officer