First-time visitors to Hypertherm’s U.S. headquarters often compliment us on our manufacturing operations. They note how clean and well-organized our production facility is, and how we carefully assemble and test our products to ensure compliance with every engineering specification. And if they look closely, they’ll also notice that those specifications are as rigorous as they come – for example, Hypertherm consumables are machined within process control limits eight times tighter than the diameter of a human hair.

This level of manufacturing performance doesn’t happen by accident. We are zealous advocates of LEAN and Six-Sigma methodologies. A team of Six-Sigma black and green belts continuously works to drive improvements across our organization, looking for ways to optimize our manufacturing process, make our products better, and pass the savings on to our customers.

The promise of world-class manufacturing extends to the Hypertherm Technical Training Institute, a multi-million dollar training facility that addresses the need for skilled CNC machinists. The HTTI teaches new machinists the advanced skills they need to join the Hypertherm team, while also helping existing machinists advance their skills and careers.

Esse A. team

Esse A., a leader in engineering and manufacturing laser consumables for more than 20 years, joined the Hypertherm family in 2008. Located in Sasso Marconi, Italy, the Esse A. team manufactures high-quality laser nozzles, nozzle holders and accessories for laser OEMs around the globe. Products at Esse A. are manufactured according to Hypertherm standards using state-of-the-art, precision equipment, in conformance with Lean and Six-Sigma manufacturing principles. Learn more