Rotary pipe and tube cutting capability is now commonly available via both stand-alone machines and as part of an add-on option for X-Y cutting tables. These machines offer the ability to mount pipe and tube sections and cut profiles from the pipe or tube wall. Extremely accurate profiles can be cut using exterior dimensions, wall thickness, rotational motion and other required factors, ensuring ease of fit-up prior to welding, or simply for aesthetic or architectural purposes. Advanced programming even makes it possible to include bevel angles to assist with weld-preparation. Hypertherm Rotary Tube Pro™ software fully supports pipe and tube cutting applications.

Typical uses include:

  • Oil and gas pipelines / platforms
  • Ship and boat fluid / steam transfer
  • Industrial machinery structures
  • Construction industry structures

Process technologies used:

  • Plasma cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Oxyfuel cutting

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