Steel service centers

Hypertherm is routinely named the number one cutting brand among steel service center executives. Why? The companies they operate are often called upon to cut a wide range of materials and thicknesses with varying levels of accuracy and cost. Some components are simply cut and delivered, while others require secondary levels of fabrication including assembly, welding, and even painting. A high-productivity alternative to oxyfuel, saws, or shears, Hypertherm systems ensure consistent, clean cut quality and precise edges – all of which are important to efficiency and profitability.

Hypertherm plasma systems offer unrivaled productivity and the lowest operating cost when cutting metal. Hypertherm laser and waterjet systems are ideal for fine feature cutting on thin metal, jobs requiring tight cut tolerances, or the cutting of non-metal materials. SureCut™ Technology and advanced long life consumables for Hypertherm, as well as non-Hypertherm, plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems are also important factors in making Hypertherm the industry’s top choice.

Typical uses include:

  • Cutting steel plate to size
  • Cutting steel rods and tubes to length
  • Cutting and trimming square structural tubing
  • Fine cutting of ornamental tubing
  • Automated plate edge finishing of A, V, Y and K bevel angles for weld preparation