Industrial pressure vessel fabrication

Traditional manufacturing processes for pressure vessel heads can involve hours of manual marking and cutting, followed by hours of grinding. With Hypertherm’s automated plasma cutting solutions, these steps are reduced to minutes, or eliminated altogether, while improving safety, efficiency, and cut quality for added value across the entire operation.

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How customers are using our solutions

  • A U.S. manufacturer of tanks for the pharmaceutical industry was able to reduce the process of marking, cutting, and grinding a single pressure vessel head from 4 to 8 hours down to just 30 minutes, by adding a robotic plasma solution that benefitted many areas of the overall value stream.

    In addition, their welders had to spend less time grinding, filling, and welding, because the automated process greatly improved the quality and geometry of the cut edges. Production that used to take a full week is now completed in 2 to 3 days, allowing the company to produce more and cut lead times in half.

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Robot programming

Offline programming solutions to maximize robot productivity on high-mix, low-volume production runs. Reduce programming time, easily program parts of varying complexities, and eliminate the robot downtime associated with manual or teach pendant programming.

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Robotic plasma cutting

Robotic cutting systems let you cut any workpiece, including structural steel shapes, pipes, tubes, and domes. Combined with advances in robot programming, automated cutting solutions dramatically increase productivity, increasing cut speeds, cut quality, and productivity in low-volume runs.

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Marking metal to indicate bend or score lines, inventory numbers, or reference points for drilling or robotic processes is traditionally done with a hammer and punch, powder or ink, soapstone, or handheld engraving machines. Using plasma for marking during CNC processes offers many significant advantages.

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