General fabricators and job shops

Hypertherm mechanized plasma, laser, and waterjet systems are vital tools for general fabricators and job shops, allowing operators to quickly cut a variety of different material types and thicknesses. Portable, versatile handheld plasma systems are also used in the plant and on the job site for a wide range of tasks, including constructing and framing walls for buildings, cast iron pipe construction and repair, and tank and vessel fabrication. Cut tabs, flanges and end pieces closer than ever before with FlushCut™ consumables.

Typical uses include:

  • Fabrication of custom equipment
  • Cutting both large and small parts
  • Counter and cabinet fabrication for commercial kitchens
  • Duct fabrication
  • Wastewater plant repair – bar screens, piping, hoppers, and vessels
  • Roof truss fabrication
  • Decking fabrication