Construction and heavy equipment

Quicker, easier, and safer than oxyfuel, saws, and cut-off wheels, Hypertherm systems play an important part in the manufacture and repair of heavy-duty equipment like bulldozers, dump trucks, and other construction vehicles. Proprietary Hypertherm technology such as True Bevel™ helps manufacturers cut parts with beveled angles, enabling tighter fit-up when welding. FlushCut™ consumables can safely remove mounting brackets and implements without damaging the machine; they’re also suitable for hard facing removal.

Typical uses include:

  • Manufacturing new equipment
  • Repairing and replacing cutting edges
  • Rebuilding damaged buckets and implements
  • Gouging out old welds for quick on-site repair
  • Gouging of hardfacing
  • Fabricating new brackets for worn out equipment
  • Automated plate edge finishing of A, V, Y and K bevel angles for weld preparation