Artwork, signs, and ornamentation

Craftsmen, artisans, and industrial shops count on handheld as well as mechanized Hypertherm systems to help them produce decorative and functional objects of all types, including signage, sculptures, gates, fences, and furniture. Our computer-controlled plasma, laser, and waterjet systems are used in many large shops to cut metal, glass, and wood. Greater availability of light industrial CNC options in recent years is also making it possible for small home-based businesses and hobbyists to create intricate projects.

Typical uses include:

  • Creating metal artwork from mild steel, copper, aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Cutting intricate shapes and designs from various thicknesses of metal and glass to fabricate gates, fences, railings, and staircases
  • Fabricating frames, posts, match plates, furniture, and cabinets for signage
  • Cutting letters, faceplates, and logos including very fine feature cutting with laser and waterjet
  • Manufacturing metal stairways, fences, rails, and gates