Hypertherm technology reduces costs and improves performance

Through the use of Hypertherm's advanced SilverLine® and CoolFlow™ technologies, Centricut consumables deliver extra value to your cutting process, beyond the capabilities of OEM and aftermarket consumables.



SilverLine electrode technology

  • Robust solid-state copper/silver weld joint insures electrical and thermal conductivity improving overall electrode performance.
  • A solid silver front-end maximizes hafnium pit depth and slows hafnium wear rate delivering longer consumable life.
  • Redesigned electrode nose geometry improves the plasma gas flow to increase electrode life and performance.

CoolFlow nozzle technology

  • Improved cooling maintains the size and shape of the orifice resulting in maximum life.
  • Computer-designed contours optimize the coolant flow around the nozzle and substantially lower the operating temperature.
  • O-rings on the nozzle insure a secure seal keeping coolant away from the plasma chamber and extending consumables and torch life.