HiFocus 130/160i using PerCut 160/170 torch

Lower overall cost

  • SilverLine ® electrodes deliver exceptional cut quality and fast cutting speed over the full life of the consumables
  • Centricut consumables are competitively priced in the market
  • Local stocking and fast delivery reduces your inventory costs

Consumable life with cut quality ≤ ISO 9013.2002(E)* range 4
130 A cutting of 10 mm stainless steel
130 A cutting of 10 mm stainless steel
* For 10 mm steel, kerf angle cannot exceed 6.33°

SilverLine electrode technology

  • Slows wear
  • Maximizes usage
  • Extends electrode life

Through the use of solid state welding technology and optimized coolant flow, SilverLine technology slows the wear of hafnium, the material which produces the plasma arc, by more efficiently removing heat from the electrode. By maximizing the silver-hafnium interface and optimizing the geometry of the silver, Centricut SilverLine electrodes can be used 25 to 300% longer than other silver-copper and all-copper electrodes.

Cut with confidence – it’s Hypertherm

  • As the recognized global leader in plasma cutting, Hypertherm® incorporates the latest engineered and patented technologies into all consumable products.
  • Designed with critical-to-function tolerances to deliver the best quality product every time.
  • Precision manufacturing of consumables assures consistency of parts, set to set.
  • World-class plasma-process technical support.
  • Easy to use – no special system set up required.