Maximize life

  • A fully used SilverLineĀ® electrode will have a pit depth of 2.5 mm (.100").

  • Properly tighten the nozzle cap: Make sure the nozzle cap is sealed tightly against the nozzle to maintain a proper seal and prevent leaking.

  • Purge torch and leak check: After each parts change purge the torch for at least 30 seconds to remove residual moisture. Check for leaks.

  • Adjust gas flows: Plasma gas flow rate is critical. High flow will cause rapid electrode wear and hard starting. Low flow will cause uncontrolled arcing. (See cutting tables in your owner's manual.)

  • Pierce at correct height: Piercing too low causes molten metal (spatter) to hit the swirl gas cap and nozzle. This is the most common cause of premature nozzle failure. Piercing too high can cause slow arc transfer and misfires.

  • Adjust arc voltage: As the electrode wears, the torch will get closer to the plate. To maintain optimum cutting height, increase arc voltage in 2-volt increments, up to 10 volts higher than the initial setting.

  • Avoid arc stretching: This can occur during rip cutting off the plate or when the lead out is improperly programmed. This shortens consumable life.

  • Clean the nozzle and swirl gas cap: Periodically clean the nozzle and swirl gas cap to remove spatter. This will prevent double arcing which shortens consumable life.

  • Adjust swirl gas flows: Correct swirl gas flows during pre-flow protect the nozzle and swirl gas cap from damage. Make sure pre-flow is adjusted according to the cutting tables in your owner's manual.