Quick-disconnect torch

The Centricut quick-disconnect torch incorporates proven Hypertherm torch technologies bringing you excellent performance and reliability.

  • Quick-disconnect torch technology enables rapid job change-over increasing productivity.
  • Detachable torch head makes changing consumables quick and easy.
  • Optimized gas and coolant flow through the torch maximizes performance and reliability.

Advance to a better cutting experience with the Centricut quick-disconnect torch upgrade kit for your Kaliburn cutting system today.


Centricut torch features:

  • Designed with engineering materials proven by Hypertherm for optimal torch performance while reducing the cost.
  • Coupler ring designed to give a better grip when attaching torch head to base.
  • Dust seals prevent metal chips and other debris from collecting in the coupler threads.
  • Centricut torch components and consumables are fully compatible with OEM.