Centricut quick-change torch

  • Quick-change torch for ESAB PT-36

    Replacement for ESAB® PT-600 and PT-19XLS standard one-piece torches; interchangeable with OEM consumables
  • 3 times faster consumables change-over
  • Detachable torch head allows quick, easy consumables inspection
  • With multiple torch heads, your operators can set up for upcoming jobs ahead of time
  • Compatible with OEM cut settings
  • Rated for applications up to 450 amps


Air curtain for Centricut quick-change torch

  • Air curtain for underwater cuttingFor cutting from waterline to 6” below
  • One air curtain body fits all three Centricut® ESAB® quick-change torches
  • Clean, simplified design
  • Easy to install, remove and operate
  • Maintains the benefits of the quick-change torch
  • Position air curtain where needed

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