Hypertherm technology reduces costs and improves performance

Through the use of Hypertherm's advanced SilverLine®, CoolFlow™, and MultiPort™ technologies, XP3 consumables deliver extra value to your cutting process, beyond the capabilities of OEM and aftermarket consumables.

SilverLine electrode technology

  • A solid silver front-end allows the SilverLine electrode to achieve a 45% deeper pit depth – doubling the electrode life on average
  • Robust welded copper/silver interface delivers more consistent performance

CoolFlow nozzle technology

  • Robust construction and exceptional cooling throughout the entire nozzle assembly doubles nozzle life on average
  • Self-aligning two-piece nozzle design creates a stable plasma arc, improving cut quality
  • Brass nozzle base design and cooling maximize tip to base ratio, resulting in lower consumable cost

MultiPort shield technology

  • Maximizes consumable life and minimizes damage caused by spattering of molten metals
  • Optimized shield orifice and heavy duty construction protect the nozzle from spatter and plate crash damage
  • Optimized shield gas flow improves consumable life and enhances cut quality


XP3 consumables still going strong long after the OEM consumables have failed

Actual results - electrode

Left: Partially used SilverLine electrode after 1,500 starts
Right: Fully used OEM electrode after 1,100 starts

Actual results - nozzle

Left: Partially used CoolFlow nozzle after 1,500 starts
Right: Fully used OEM nozzle after 1,100 starts