Maximize life

Partially-used electrode

This SilverLine® electrode is only partially consumed. The pit in the center of the part measures 2.3 mm (.090"). Electrodes are often removed prematurely due to cut quality deterioration related to nozzle failure. Additional life can be achieved by replacing the nozzle and leaving the electrode in place. 

Fully-used electrode

This SilverLine electrode has provided full use. The pit depth is 3.0 mm (.120"). The operator increased the arc voltage in 5-volt increments, up to 20 volts from the first cuts made with this electrode to the last. This maintains a constant distance between the torch and the work-piece through the life of the electrode. 

  • Use electrode to full life: A fully used SilverLine electrode will have a pit depth of 3.0 mm (.120"). This is deeper than the rec ommended pit depth for standard parts of 2.3 mm (.090").

  • Properly tighten the nozzle retaining cap: Make sure the retaining cap is sealed tightly against the nozzle to prevent leaking.

  • Purge torch: After each parts change, purge the torch for at least 30 seconds to remove residual moisture.

  • Leak check: After purging the torch, make sure all o-ring seals are tight and there are no torch coolant leaks.

  • Adjust plasma gas pressure: Plasma gas flow rate is critical. High flow will cause rapid electrode wear and hard starting. Low flow will cause uncontrolled arcing.

  • Adjust shield gas pressure: Refer to the cut chart for optimum shield gas pressure. Having the correct start shield flow provides protection to the nozzle and shield during the piercing process.

  • Pierce at correct height: Refer to the cut chart for optimum pierce (initial) height. Piercing too low causes molten metal (spatter) to hit the shield and nozzle – the most common cause of premature nozzle failure. Piercing too high can cause misfires.

  • Adjust arc voltage: As the consumables wear, the torch will get closer to the plate. To maintain optimum cutting height, increase arc voltage in 5-volt increments, up to 20 volts higher than the initial setting.

  • Avoid arc stretching: This occurs when the arc stretches during rip cutting off the plate or when the arc chases a part as it falls. This shortens consumable life.

  • Clean the nozzle and shield: Periodically clean the nozzle and shield to remove spatter. This will prevent double arcing which shortens consumable life.