Centricut XP3 consumables for ESAB PT-19XLS and PT-600

For optimum consumable life, cut quality and speed for your ESAB® PT-19XLS and PT-600 cutting process, choose our best-performing Centricut® XP3 consumables. Thanks to Hypertherm's latest plasma technologies, they last twice as long as OEM parts, and cut faster, too.

Cut consumable usage in half

  • XP3 consumables last, on average, twice as long as OEM
  • Reduce system down time associated with consumable changes

Increased productivity

  • XP3 consumables typically cut 25% faster than the OEM – at equivalent power levels
  • Process more parts per hour and more sheets per shift

Centricut XP3 vs. OEM
Cut quality over life of consumables
Cut quality measured according to ISO 9013 ranges 3 and 4

Cut with confidence – it’s Hypertherm

  • As the recognized global leader in plasma cutting, Hypertherm® incorporates the latest engineered and patented technologies into all consumable products.
  • Designed with critical-to-function tolerances to deliver the best quality product every time.
  • Precision manufacturing of consumables assures consistency of parts, set to set.
  • World-class plasma-process technical support.
  • Easy to use – no special system set up required.

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