Skeleton removal

Skeleton removal is typically slow and labor-intensive. It can also be dangerous for the operator due to awkward, heavy pieces having sharp edges. Hypertherm’s Powermax® air plasma systems and Duramax® Hyamp™ Long torches are the perfect combination to make clean-up after mechanized cutting easier and faster – resulting in a safer and more profitable workflow. Almost any operation cutting on plasma or oxyfuel CNC tables can benefit from plasma skeleton removal.

Hypertherm’s Long torch is ideal for tables 1.2 x 2.5 m (4 x 8 ft) or larger; our new skeleton sled makes this process even easier for the operator by allowing the long torch to rest on the skeleton and glide smoothly over it. On smaller tables, a hand torch is adequate. If you’re cutting on a mechanized plasma table, Hypertherm’s ProNest® or ProNest LT software can be used to program the cut-up into pre-defined segments as an integrated part of the overall cutting process.

Improved productivity

  • Productivity increase of up to 75% or greater (Calculations based on 12 mm (1/2″) mild steel thickness and standard industry data)
  • Quicker unloading of the skeleton means more CNC table utilization and increased throughput
  • When cutting half-inch mild steel, the Duramax Hyamp Long torch cuts significantly faster than oxyacetylene, increasing productivity and lowering operating costs
  • Reduced training time; operator certification in 4 hours vs. up to 40 hours for oxyfuel

Enhanced safety

  • Cutting the skeleton into smaller pieces makes it easier for the operator to handle, reducing the likelihood of accidents.
  • The Duramax Hyamp Long torch lets the operator stand next to the table in a natural position, preventing ergonomic issues and minimizing the likelihood of mishap; no bending over, and no need to risk injury by kneeling or standing on the table.
  • For operations currently using oxyacetylene torches to cut skeletons, switching to plasma makes the workplace safer by eliminating gas cylinders that can be difficult and dangerous to handle.