Improve consumable life using torch height controls

Hypertherm's ArcGlide® THC and Sensor™ THC torch height controls automatically and continuously sample and adjust arc voltage to correct consumable wear. The sampled arc voltage CNC setting results in proper torch height for optimal cut quality over the life of the consumables without requiring operator adjustment.

With SureCut™ technology
Without SureCut™ technology

SureCut applies accurate pierce and cut height settings that protect the nozzle and shield. Proper settings extend consumable life.

Torch stays at constant pierce and cut height, damaging the nozzle and shield. Piercing too close to the plate damages consumables.

How does it work?

Hypertherm's nesting and process optimization software automatically manages cut lead-outs and arc shut-off timing to avoid extinguishing the arc prematurely by using a controlled ramp down.

Illustration shows how proper cut height improves cut quality and consumable life


Hypertherm's newest CNC is pre-built with the sampled arc voltage setting software to extend your consumables life.

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