XPR torch and filter maintenance kit (with coolant)

Part number: #428640

Designed especially for your XPR™ plasma systems, the XPR torch and filter maintenance kit (with coolant) contains all the necessary parts you need to keep your torch and cooling system running optimally.


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System Kit p/n P/N Description Quantity

XPR300™ (200V - 240V), (380V - 600V)

XPR170™ (200V - 240V), (380V - 600V)

Filter torch rebuild kit with coolant 428640 026009 O-ring 8
    027055 Silicone 1
    027005 Filter (water) 1
    044028 O-ring 2
    058224 O-ring 1
    108094 Connector 1


Bullet plug 3
    420368 Water tube 1
    011110 Filter 1


Coolant 4

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