Hope Foundation logo downloads

The HOPE (Hypertherm Owners' Philanthropic Endeavors) Foundation is the cornerstone to Hypertherm's focus on Community Engagement. Established in 2010, the Foundation complements the efforts of the Hypertherm Philanthropy Team by working to partner with nonprofit organizations and engage in activities that strengthen and create sustainable, positive change in the community and environment. The HOPE Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Please view the Hope Foundation logo standards before downloading the logos.

Below are the logos both in color and black and white, for your use in communications for your nonprofit organization.

  • EPS files are for use when you are having a brochure printed (commercial printing)

  • JPG can be used for internal use - like in a Word or Powerpoint document

  • PNG (or JPG) files are used for the web


If there are any questions on the usage please feel free to contact us.



Hypertherm Associates - HOPE Foundation logo

  • For commercial printing - EPS (895 KB)

  • For internal printing - JPG (102 KB)

  • For the web - PNG (249 KB)

Black and white

HOPE Foundation logo in black and white

  • Black and white for internal printing - JPG (89 KB)

  • Black and white for the web - PNG (389 KB)