Apply for grants

Types of grants

Good Neighbor grant [preview form]

  • For grant request $500 or less

    A Good Neighbor grant is a donation to a non-profit organization with a value of $500 or less. The organization being funded must be a 501c3 and its cause aligned to our mission. If a non-profit organization applies directly for a goodwill donation, they will highlight the impact of the grant on the Upper Valley community. Our preference is for Good Neighbor grants to have a connection to a Hypertherm volunteer. If an Associate is requesting a Good Neighbor donation on behalf of the nonprofit, they will have demonstrated a personal investment of time to the organizations seeking funds. 

  • Completed W-9 is required [download a blank W-9 form].
  • Good Neighbor grants will be reviewed the month following the submission.

HOPE Foundation full grant [preview form]

  • For requests greater than $500
  • Full application grants are reviewed in March, June, September and December. Please submit your grant by February, May, August or November of the quarter you need to have your grant reviewed. We strive to review your grant in a timely manner and may have follow up questions. Therefore, we need to adhere to a strict review schedule and will not be able to accommodate last minute requests.

If your request is approved, please be prepared to submit your measurable outcomes (activities, progress, challenges, and learnings) within the time frame documented in the form. See examples below.



How to fill out a grant request

Our grant management software requires a login ID and password. This software will allow you to save your application as you go along, track the status of your grant, and review your grant request history once it is loaded.

Here is a video tutorial to get you started:


Example measurable outcomes

For a senior center

  • Hold four training sessions for new volunteer in-home care providers by 9/1/2021.

  • Increase the number of elderly individuals in Grafton County able to remain in their homes because of our assistance from 150 to 175 by 9/1/2021.

For a performing arts center

  • Host 300 local middle school students for free matinee performances of our production of XYZ and provide a discussion guide on the performance to their educators by 2/1/2021.

For a food pantry

  • Hire a part-time educational coordinator to complete 5 new training sessions in 2020 by 1/1/2021.

  • Deliver a hands-on healthy eating course to 200 individuals by 11/1/2020.

  • Increase the percent of food pantry customers that report eating at least 4 servings of fruits and vegetables most days from our baseline of 20% to our goal of 40% by 12/31/2021.

For a camp scholarship program

  • Enable ten 12-15-year-old local youths to attend a weeklong camp focusing on team building and self-confidence who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend by 9/1/2021.

  • Decrease by half the percent of attendees who report drug, alcohol, or tobacco use in the past month using pre-camp and post-camp surveys and focus group discussions (for example, from 30% to 15%) by 12/31/2021.