Hypertherm introduces new Centricut brand quick change torch for ESAB cutting systems

Posted on 03/30/2015
Posted by Hypertherm

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, today announced a new Centricut® brand quick change torch for use with ESAB® plasma cutting systems. The torch, which incorporates proprietary Hypertherm technology, is designed to replace ESAB PT-36, PT-600 and PT-19XLS torches.

The two-piece quick-change design allows operators to change out consumables up to three times faster or, through the use of multiple torch heads, load consumables for the next job while cutting the current job.

In addition, operators can experience a lower overall operating cost by using Centricut brand consumables with either the new quick change torch or their current ESAB single piece torch. In field testing, cut quality and consumable life from the Centricut brand consumables were consistently equal to the OEM while costing 20 to 30 percent less.

The performance is due in part to Hypertherm’s patented SilverLine® electrode and CoolFlow™ nozzle technologies. SilverLine technology features a hybrid copper / silver weld joint that delivers performance equal to a solid silver electrode for a fraction of the cost. Advanced cooling features reduce the operating temperature of the electrode maximizing the hafnium pit depth and slowing its wear rate to extend electrode life. CoolFlow technology improves cooling to help maintain the size and shape of the nozzle orifice for longer life.

“This new torch provides owners of ESAB systems with the time-saving benefits of quick-change technology at a very affordable price,” explains Cynthia von Recklinghausen, product marketing manager for Hypertherm’s Centricut brand. “On top of that, ESAB owners can realize further cost savings while enjoying improved cut quality and consumable life by coupling the use of their torch with Centricut brand consumables.”

Centricut brand products, like all Hypertherm products, are designed with critical-to-function tolerances and are precision manufactured by advanced machinists to deliver the best quality product every time. Businesses interested in a free trial of any Centricut brand product or a technical consultation about improving their cutting process can contact Hypertherm at 800-753-7623 or their authorized Hypertherm distributor.

Hypertherm’s Centricut brand engineers and manufactures advanced plasma and laser cutting consumables. Its product line includes consumables that deliver increased value to people who own most any non-Hypertherm cutting system including systems by ESAB, Kjellberg, Kaliburn, and Trumpf. All Centricut brand products are engineered and manufactured to exacting standards and incorporate the latest technological advances that help to reduce operating costs, while delivering increased cut speed and quality. Centricut products include free technical support and come with same-day shipping.

Posted on 03/30/2015
Posted by Hypertherm


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