Lower your operating costs and improve your efficiency by upgrading to Centricut performance consumables.

Lower costs

  • Centricut® SilverLine® electrodes have more than twice the life of Komatsu electrodes reducing the number of consumable parts purchased and improving the up-time of your cutting system.
  • Centricut CoolFlow™ nozzles improve torch leak resistance allowing for longer overall consumable life and process reliability.
  • SilverLine electrodes and CoolFlow nozzles deliver exceptional cut quality and fast cutting speeds over the full life of the consumables.

Electrode life - Cutting mild steel with O2 at 120 A


Nozzle life - Cutting mild steel with O2 at 40 A in a customer application (2.0 mm plate 2.5 mm plate)


Cut with confidence – it’s Hypertherm

  • As the recognized global leader in plasma cutting, Hypertherm incorporates the latest engineered and patented technologies into all consumable products.
  • Designed with critical-to-function tolerances to deliver the best quality product every time.
  • Precision manufacturing of consumables assures consistency of parts, set to set.
  • World-class plasma-process technical support.
  • Easy to use – no special system set up required.