Upgrade to Centricut® consumables to lower operating costs without sacrificing cut quality 
or productivity.

Lower costs

  • Cut 50% more metal per consumable set.
  • Reduce consumable usage by one third.
  • Available at a lower price than OEM.
  • Local stocking and fast delivery reduce your inventory costs.


Consumable life comparison at 360–400 Amps

Centricut OEM


Cut with confidence – it’s Hypertherm

  • As the recognized global leader in plasma cutting, Hypertherm incorporates the latest engineered and patented technologies into all consumable products.
  • Designed with critical-to-function tolerances to deliver the best quality product every time.
  • Precision manufacturing of consumables assures consistency of parts, set to set.
  • World-class plasma-process technical support.
  • Easy to use – no special system set up required.

Request a sample

A Centricut product specialist will contact you to determine specific product requirements for your free sample order.

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