Hypertherm's commitment to engineering and building the best industrial cutting solutions on the market dates back nearly 50 years. From humble beginnings in a two-car garage to becoming a world-class manufacturer of advanced cutting solutions, our story has been one of innovation, hard work, and customer focus.  

1968 Hypertherm begins in a two-car garage in Hanover, NH. Dick Couch and Bob Dean invent Water Injection Cutting, a process to radially inject water into the plasma nozzle for a faster, better cut, and less dross. Photo of garage
1969 Hypertherm introduces the PAC400, its first plasma cutter.  
1972 Hypertherm makes plasma cutting safer by developing a water muffler and water table to lessen the noise, smoke, and light that traditionally accompany the cutting process.  
1973 Hypertherm introduces the PAC500, a 1,000-amp plasma system capable of cutting stainless steel up to 6 inches. This product remains in the Hypertherm line for 30 years. Associates watching plasma cutting system
1975 The company opens its first manufacturing facility across the street from the garage where it all began.  
1977 Hypertherm develops underwater cutting technology, which allows plasma cutting to take place under 2 to 3 inches of water.  
1983 Hypertherm introduces Oxygen Injected Plasma Cutting, a technique that uses oxygen as the cutting gas and introduces water at the tip of the nozzle to solve the problem of oxidizing metal and rapidly deteriorating electrodes. Dick Couch and Bob Dean
1985 Hypertherm celebrates the sale of its 1,000th system and the launch of its first air plasma cutting system, the MAX40, which comes with a hand-held torch.  
1986 Hypertherm designs and patents an underwater water muffler that increases cut quality and speed during underwater cutting. Wall of patents

The MAX20/SA20 plasma cutting system adds contact start technology to eliminate high frequency starting.

Global expansion begins with Hypertherm's first subsidiary, Hypertherm Plasmatechnik GmbH in Maintal, Germany.

1990 Another first for the plasma cutting industry, Hypertherm develops a plasma system that can cut up to 4-1/2 inches of metal under 15 feet of water. This breakthrough helps the atomic power industry dismantle old power plants.  
1992 Hypertherm receives coveted ISO 9001 certification, and introduces LongLife® technology, for double the consumable life at half the cost.  
1993 Breakthrough HyDefinition® technology helps produce better quality cuts at faster speeds. At the same time, the company also comes out with a vented two-piece nozzle that stabilizes the plasma arc precisely in the center of the electrode. This consistency increases electrode and nozzle process life.  
1997 Hypertherm introduces the first Windows®-based CNC for oxyfuel and plasma cutting. This enables operators to use a common interface and add a new level of automation to the cutting process.  

Co-axial assist jet technology directs the shield gas parallel to the plasma arc using a common axis leading to cut speed improvements of up to 50 percent, improved thick plate piercing capabilities, and dross-free cutting.

Hypertherm acquires the Centricut® brand of consumables and controllers and establishes Hypertherm Automation.

 Centricut logo

Hypertherm becomes 30% Associate owned.

The Powermax1000® and Powermax1250® third generation air plasma systems incorporate innovative power-supply and torch technologies for dramatically improved performance.

Patented SilverLine® and SilverPlus® electrodes join the consumables product mix. The electrodes use a silver tip to diffuse more heat during cutting, resulting in electrodes that last up to three times longer than standard electrodes.

2003 HyPerformance® plasma is unveiled. This new technology delivers the same virtually dross-free cut quality as the HyDefinition line of cutters, but with greater speed and longer consumable life. HyPerformance system being built

Hypertherm introduces the Powermax30®, a highly portable plasma cutting system weighing just 20 pounds, but capable of severing metal up to a half inch thick.

Hypertherm receives the Corporate Spirit of Service award for its commitment to volunteer service.

Community service
2007 Hypertherm opens the Hypertherm Technical Training Institute (HTTI) in partnership with the states of Vermont and New Hampshire, to address the need for skilled CNC machinists. HTTI

Hypertherm celebrates 40 years of plasma innovation with the introduction of the Powermax45®, a small, versatile air plasma system capable of severing an inch of metal, and the industry's first 400-amp HyPerformance® system, the HPR400®.

ESSE A., an Italian manufacturer of laser cutting consumables, joins the Hypertherm family.

Powermax45 plasma cutting system 

Hypertherm acquires MTC Software, developer of ProNest® CAM nesting software.

Hypertherm’s patented True Hole® technology, part of Hypertherm’s Built for Business Integrated Cutting Solutions, is introduced making it possible to cut bolt-ready holes without operator intervention.

True Hole cut samples

Hypertherm introduces HyIntensity® Fiber Laser, the first fiber laser system specifically optimized for cutting.

The industry's first 15-degree hand-held plasma torch makes it easier to cut in corners and improves gouging.

Fiber laser in action

Rapid Part technology, Hypertherm's second Built for Business application, helps businesses increase throughput by reducing cut-to-cut cycle time.

The company reinforces its commitment to American manufacturing by breaking ground on a new $35 million dollar facility in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Ariel shot of new Hypertherm building

Hypertherm unveils True Bevel™, new edge profiling technology designed to help fabricators and CNC table manufacturers achieve accurate bevel cuts more easily.

HDi® (HyDefinition inox) technology delivers industry leading cut performance on thin stainless steel.
True Bevel cut samples

Hypertherm acquires AccuStream®, a Minnesota manufacturer of waterjet pumps and components.






Hypertherm expands its Employee Stock Ownership Plan to become a 100% Associate-owned company.

2015 Hypertherm expands robotic capabilities with purchase of Jabez Technologies, creators of Robotmaster® software.