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Hypertherm introduces new class of plasma with launch of XPR300 for X-Definition cutting on mild steel, stainless, and aluminum

News releases, 2017, X-Definition, XPR300 plasma system

Posted on 06/03/2017

By Hypertherm

Hypertherm now shipping FlushCut consumables for Powermax105 and Powermax125 air plasma systems

News releases, 2017, Flush cutting, FlushCut consumables for Powermax systems, Powermax105 plasma system, Powermax125 plasma system

Posted on 18/01/2017

By Hypertherm

Hypertherm expands Community Service Time program to 32 hours of paid time off per year

News releases, 2017, Corporate Social Responsibility

Posted on 10/01/2017

By Hypertherm

Hypertherm introduces mild steel consumables for Kjellberg PerCut 221M and PerCut 451M torches

News releases, 2016, Centricut, Consumables, Kjellberg

Posted on 15/11/2016

By Hypertherm

Hypertherm announces release of Rotary Tube Pro tube cutting software

News releases, 2016, Rotary Tube Pro tube cutting software

Posted on 08/11/2016

By Hypertherm

Hypertherm introduces new SilverPlus technology for HyPerformance plasma cutting at 80 amps

News releases, 2016, SilverPlus electrodes

Posted on 04/10/2016

By Hypertherm

Hypertherm introduces the new Powermax45 XP, successor to the best-selling Powermax of all time

News releases, 2016, Powermax45 XP plasma system

Posted on 26/09/2016

By Hypertherm

Hypertherm introduces new SilverPlus technology for plasma cutting at 400 amps

News releases, 2016, HyPerformance HPR400XD, SilverPlus electrodes

Posted on 17/08/2016

By Hypertherm

EDGE Connect CNC, a new generation of computer numeric controls, now available from Hypertherm

News releases, 2016, CNCs, EDGE Connect CNC system, ProNest CAD/CAM nesting software, SureCut technology

Posted on 08/08/2016

By Hypertherm

2015 CSR Report from Hypertherm shows growth in community engagement and continued progress toward 2020 environmental goals

News releases, 2016, Corporate social responsibility

Posted on 19/07/2016

By Hypertherm

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