Vision and culture



To provide Customers with the world's leading industrial cutting solutions, to promote the well-being and development of our Associates, and to enrich our communities and environment.


Core values

  • Excellence in technology innovation
  • Focus on the Customer
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Respect for the individual
  • Community leadership
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Shared ownership and rewards
  • Continuous improvement and business excellence
  • Personal growth and development


Critical success factors

  • Lead in technology and service innovation
  • Excellence in partnering
  • Work together as owners
  • Develop leadership excellence
  • Advance the learning, development, and well-being of Associates
  • Reduce the environmental impact of everything we do
  • Drive operational excellence using high performance practices
  • Grow revenue and create financial strength
  • Foster inclusive and diverse teams

Quality vision

To exceed Customers' expectations worldwide through continuous quality improvement in product design, manufacture, and service.

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We are 100% focused on developing, building, and selling products that improve cutting. Not just any products—but the most reliable, most consistent, highest performing products on the market.

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Hypertherm is a 100% Associate-owned company, and we recognize that the key reason for our success is our Associates. By continually searching for ways to be more productive and efficient, our Associates have made Hypertherm the company it is today.

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Hypertherm’s vision and culture encompass corporate social responsibility. We believe every company has an obligation to care for the community and the environment in which it does business. A tangible expression of that core value is the Hypertherm Owners' Philanthropic Endeavors (HOPE) Foundation and environmental sustainability initiatives, which include a commitment to producing zero landfill waste by 2020.

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